Our ever expanding fleet

In Florida, you must be 18 or older to rent and operate a wave-runner or motor boat. If you are born after January 1st, 1988, you are required to have a Florida Boating license. We offer temporary boaters certificates on-site. Before departing from our docks, we will go over basic boating operations and rules. We will review a chart showing the waterway and boundaries. All watercraft rentals must stay within the inter-coastal waterways.

If you are interested in receiving a temporary boating license, go online to http://www.boat-ed.com where there is a boating safety course. Please be sure to bring your completion certificate.

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  • 1/2 hr $80

  • Excursions $120 (1hr)

  • Includes fuel

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  • 1/2 day $285

  • Full day $395

Plus fuel costs & taxes



  • 1/2 day $285

  • Full day $395

Plus fuel costs & taxes

  • 10% discount on all military, law enforcement & first responders

Boating Safety and Care.

We’re so excited to offer guests a unique experience that’s family friendly and memorable for all. However we can’t express enough the importance of boating safety and care. A practice we’ve adopted is to ask people to inspect the boats and specifically the propeller. This is a standard practice. In the few months of operating, we’ve had several unfortunate instances of damage to our props. Our boats are equipped with state of the art and brand new depth finders placed directly in front of the steering wheel. We instruct all drivers to immediately stop the boat if entering water depths of 5 feet or less. There is no acceptable reason why someone would hit ground and damage the propeller. No one wants to incur additional fees and we are especially sensitive to this issue as having a boat down for repair is costly. Please, please ensure prudence and follow boating safety instructions.